3 Step Rewind (For Previous Birth Trauma)

When we talk about child birth being traumatic we mean that a woman or her partner has found some part of the birth deeply distressing. It is their experience and their story. Everyone's birth story is different and most women never forget their births. Some women are traumatised by birth and are hugely effected on a day to day basis. Birth trauma might be due to one single event that happened or how a woman was made to feel during birth. It can be a lack of kindness or compassion or feeling unheard which can result in feeling helpless and afraid. Often there may be a sense of feeling unable to stop thinking about the events of the birth in their mind. They can feel irritable, angry, anxious, fearful and they cannot eat, sleep and lose their sex life, friendship groups and even distance themselves from family.

Would you like to be able to move on from these feelings so that they no longer effect your day to day life? If yes the 3 Step Rewind course could be for you. I will teach and guide you to re process the memory. The entire process can be done without revealing any of your experience if you would prefer. It is incredibly easy, safe and very effective.

The process includes 3 private sessions around 1 hour each (3 hours total). The cost of the 3 hour course is £120 and is based at my home in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. Follow up sessions  are £40 an hour (plus travel if a home visit is preferred)

The 3 sessions includes:

Step 1- Listening to your story or the traumatic event and explaining the process of the rewind technique.

Step 2- Guiding you into a state of deep relaxation and using a visualisation technqiue to remember the event in a way that feels safe.

Step 3- Visualising the future and how you will feel and behave once the memory no longer feels traumatic.

If you feel this could be the right course of action for you please contact me either via the contact page or phone/email.

07860 453721


Alison Jackson KG Hypnobirthing, Doula UK & 3 Step Rewind Practitioner

West Yorkshire


07860 453721


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