We had a lovely relaxing 2 day course a Alison's beautiful home. The course gave us a lot to think about and made me change my mind

about wanting to be on a ward at the hospital. I have now chosen the birthing centre. My husband who was relatively reluctant about going on the course found it so relaxing,he kept falling asleep during the relaxation excercises. We both said that the course content makes a lot of sense. If you are relaxed in labour you will have a better birthing experience.

- Liz



My mother was such a huge support and comfort to me throughout my whole pregnancy and labour. She offered so much help and advice during my pregnancy and put my mind at ease on a lot of things  I was unsure about. I trusted everything she was telling me implicitly. During my labour she was a complete star and I honestly don't think I could have done it without her. She was very comforting but also allowed the space me and my husband needed. They took it in turns to be there for me. My husband was very busy with his business at the time so it meant he could nip out to make a quick call or even go fetch some food whilst my mum  took over. She stroked my hand and put lovely cool lavendar flannels on my head as well as using supportive words and dealing with the medical staff. I remember my lips feeling dry and she kept putting my lip balm on which felt wonderful (we laugh about that now). She had practiced my hypnobirthing with me every day throughout my pregnancy which also helped. After the birth was wonderful as my mum gave me a shower and general support which I needed. She is an amazing hynobirthing teacher in our beautiful family home which I was so lucky to have grown up in. It feels like a big warm hug when you walk in. My mother is also a guardian angel as a doula. Every woman needs a woman doula as after all as much as your love your husband they haven't been through it, I thought women were even more wonderful after my birthing experience. I also had a deeper level of love and respect for my mother when I now understood how much she loved me. I'm very proud of her and would highly recommend her services.


The 'Queen' of doulas. Thank you so much for all your help, support, advice and knowledge. You were the pillar of strength that I needed during my home water birth. You were so calm and encouraging. It really was a positive experience because of the hypnobirthing course we did with you which was brilliant (and me thinking I wanted a planned C section until I met you!) Thank you for your post natal doula support. You are fantastic with our son and  we couldn't be happier to share this time with you.


Thank you so much for your patience, guidance and support in our hypnobirthing course. Its been informative, relaxing and an enjoyable course. We've gone from strength to strength and really appreciated everything you taught us. Your knowledge is superb.


Thank you so much for your kind help and support in your hypnobirthing courses and beyond. Our baby was long awaited for and as you know was born at 42 weeks. I am so glad that I waited as I felt pressurised from so many sides because of hospital protocol but my gut instint and everything you taught us said to wait. You are one of the first ones to know that we finally hold our much wanted baby in our arms. What you taught us has made a huge difference in how we dealt with the situation. Thank you so much.


Before starting the hypnobirthing course I felt quite anxious and unprepared when it came to pregnancy and labour. The course has built my confidence and through the relaxation techniques we have learnt, I now feel very prepared and ready for a calm and natural birth. My partner also feels much more involved in the process and has been able to support me throughout. I am very glad we choose Alison's KG Hypnobirthing course. The positive effect it has had on my experience of pregnancy so far can not be underestimated.

A huge thank you.






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